September 1, 2014


It's something to think about if that is you or someone you know that is, angry.

  •  Do you know where the anger comes from ? 
  •  Do/Did you see it in yourself ? or was it others that saw/see the change ? 
  •  Are you alone a lot ?  Do you enjoy people or do they enjoy you ?  
  • When will you let go ?  
  • Is being angry solving anything?

Here's a suggestion as to how to identify with the problem.  First, gain a peace of mind.  You may ask, how do I do that ?  Well think about how much time you have given that negative energy and then think about how much time you are willing to give the positive energy .  You have to know that you are important.  You have to love you and it will teach others how to love you.  Being angry doesn't solve anything most of the time, if not all the time.  It can fuel things in a positive way or it can add to the frustration and create emotionally unhealthy decisions.  See the negative is already an option, so feed into the positive,  It, too is an option.  You miss your blessings when you are so angry then ask god, why didn't you help me?  When he placed the help in your face, while kicking misery away.  Pay attention when you ask for something.  Rest in faith if you believe.  If your life is too cluttered, I suggest you clean out your closet, because everything can't fit if you don't make room.  This is a great way to start healing from your anger and move forward.  Remember, the past already happened.  You can't change it, but you have the power to make the present and future  better.  You are worthy of greatness and it begins with peace.  Focus on that, and the rest will come. We invite you to get XXposed to "B.E" (beauty especially )  and live peacefully by XXposurhair.

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