Toxic Relationships

September 2, 2014

No more Toxic Relationships.

To some degree we all want a healthy relationship, but we tend to get into TOXIC relationships.  Interesting enough, I just recently had an opportunity to identify with someone who was in a TOXIC relationship. 

  • But the bigger question is why is it toxic ?  
  • Where does it stimulate from ?  
  • How do you know ? 
  •  Is there a pattern to having or building toxic relationships ?

Sometimes we XXperience TOXIC relationships in our family and therefore we transfer that energy to our  intimate relationships.  It's actually true.  The odd part is that it's not easily detected.  If you were raised to have TOXIC relationship then its harder to acknowledge the turmoil or the difficulty in getting along with your mate.  When people see that type of interaction, it raises a brow. The reason it does, is because it shows difficulty. 
Here's the thing with that:  IF you want to get better, then evaluate yourself and pray on it.  Rest in faith and allow god to do his work through the Universe.  Channel that energy to work in your favor.  The decision will always be up to you.  Some people do well in a toxic relationship and most don't.  It takes a strong person to see themselves and accept who they are and make the necessary changes for a healthier life.  If you often see yourself getting angry, pinpointing flaws, contradicting yourself, accepting things you strongly disagree with, then it's time to make a chnge.  Those are some of the signs, and now it time for the better.   We all want some peace somehow.  Not all of us know how to let go of the bad stuff in our lives.  But, if we really want a sound mind and healthier relationships we must learn to release & heal.  Toxic relationships can be build chaos and harm to the heart or life.  Come out of your emotions to  see and accept reality.   So that you can think clearly.   You have the ability to control you, not others.  Let go of the toxins and embrace the breathe of fresh air to make better decisions.   You've just been XXposed to "BE" (beauty especially) by XXposurhair.

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