The Love of a Pain Comforter

August 1, 2014

I bet you are asking what is a PAIN COMFORTER ?  Well I am a person who studies people and I find that LOVE of all things is not something that is always embraced.  To some people love is pain.  I learned this through a conversation with my mother.  As she spoke it helped me to see another avenue of what love does or is, to some people.  We all want to be needed or loved and respected.  However, love has hurt some people, or shall I say some people have internalized pain and do not know how to let go.  We say we want out of a bad or uncomfortable situation, but we don't know how to leave it alone.  A lot of the times the reason why we can't leave it alone is because it's all we know or we think that's all we are going to get or deserving of.  That is far from truth, but it shows you how easily we find comfort in hurting.  Let's find comfort in letting go of the pain, Let's embrace love, enough to receive it and give it.  We at some point get hurt, but we are human.  God always sends an angel, and you never when they are going to show up.  I suggest in the mist on comfort of pain, rest in faith and receive the love waiting to show you a different path.  This is a time to heal, a time to love & be loved, let go of the anger.   XXperience a new you, and embrace the idea to be " B.E " ( beauty especially ).

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