August 13, 2014

Are you hired for your knowledge, status , or 
credibility ?  Something to think about.  If you hold a job, how or why did you get hired ?  It's food for thought, society takes it for granted how sometimes we get these jobs.  We are raised or taught that getting a good education will lead you to a good job. Does it really ?   Because in today's society it appears that more people are getting hired because of who they know.  Mostly about who you know,  that's why people gravitate to celebrities, or well- known person(s).  Not, because they have understanding of the job, but the great connect.  However, some people are hired based upon credibility, is that the same thing ? but, a nicer way of saying you too got connected.  Yet, again we are taught, that education is key; or should we just Go the the best or popular schools, hangouts, etc.,.. and wait to meet the right person to give me a job I have no clue how to do. Wouldn't you want to be hired for your knowledge, not just who you know ? and gain your own credibility.  But, let's not get it mistaken, we all have to start somewhere. Remember, when you invite greatness, you never know how it's gonna happen, but it happens.  So "BE" amazing, and have knowledge of your credible status.  Consider yourself XXposed by XXposurhair.

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