Give Peace A Chance

August 14, 2014

Isn't that something we all want.  I know, some of us don't even know how to get it.  Maybe you don't get it because you won't acknowledge you likes and your dislikes in comfort.  Like peace, allows your days to be more beautiful, it feels angelic in your heart.  So, I ask you; Will you give PEACE A CHANCE ?,  It's something we need in self, we want peace in our relationships and interactions with others.  You smile more with peace in your heart and invite others to do the same,  For the people that want peace, first remember the past has already happened, so let it go.  If there is some thing in your past that needs addressing in order to move forward, I suggest acknowledge it and address it and " LET IT GO ".  You can't change it so, why try, but you can move forward and make it better.  Peace has a hard time coming into your life because its new.  If you are use to chaotic situations or relations.  Time for change, you can't keep living like that.  Here's the thing you need balance in your life in order to make balanced decisions.  This is where meditation would be good.  It allows your body and mind to relax.  It helps you find your center, which identifies with having peace.  So I ask you, WILL YOU GIVE PEACE, A CHANCE?  If you can take a chance on things that don't make you better, certainly you can take the " ULTIMATE CHANCE, ON YOURSELF " !  Don't just let it happen, let it "BE"  (beauty especially ) amazing.  You've just been XXposed by XXposurhair.


Meditate on PEACE,

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