August 26, 2014

How a lady carries herself " THE DO's and DON'Ts"  

  • Ladies if you are African-American woman or Dark complextion it is NOT right to wear white undergarments under lite or white clothing.  The suggested color to wear under white or light color clothing is black or nude.  No one needs to see what size your undergarments are, that is of personal matter.
  • Ladies if you are of Light skin or caucasion complexion do not wear black under white clothing,  Its only fair to excercise proper clothing etiquette.  The suggested color to wear under light or white clothing is white, nude, or neutral under garments.  It's proper to wear undergarments that do not show completely against your garment of choice.
  • If YOU WEAR BLACK, PLEASE DO NOT wear white or very light underwear under lightweighted , majority spandex,or majority lycra.  These materials stretch and reveal more to the eye, especially those well endowed/ bottom heavy.

IF YOU ARE A WOMAN WHO LIKES LYCRA, does Lycra like you ? 
 Here's how you can tell:
  • When you can see your skin glisten against the material, please be sure to wear something to cover your rear-end.  You are blessed and it an be intimidating, but I envy yall honey.  But lets be a little more aware of how we wear our clothes and How we want people to see us.
  • If you are a plus size woman Lycra can be a bit embarrassing when wearing the wrong leggings, not jeggings.  Leggings should be worn under clothing that falls below the line, giving room to bend without embarrassment nor disrespect.  
  • When sitting down slide your arm/hand slight from the back of the thigh down to cover what you will be sitting on.
  • If you are wearing a form fitted dress, a little curve/tilt in the leg area will give you more comfort.
  • If you are wearing a beaded dress/ gown, I suggest don't sit.  If you choose to sit, find a chair that hair fabric seating that does not stick to the beaded garment of choice.
LOW-RISE shouldn' t be worn if:

  • You are beautifully endowed/ bottom heavy
  • If you are uniquely shaped & it doesn't compliment you
  • If you are going to spend the day pulling up your pants
  • If you have a fluffy or heavy mid-section, it will enhance it
  • If you are insecure of your body

Listen when you see clothing that is our of order, say something.  It doesn't have to be rude. I't's all about presentation.  How we present it can be positive and negative.  If we are going to give constructive criticism then why not do it in a positive way.  No one wants to feel worse about themselves than what he/she already does.   Take a moment and listen to some of your friends and how they talk about themselves and the things they want to correct.  Listen hard enough,  they may be worse on themselves than others, real talk.  The thing is, you would never think such.  

Let's help each other present each other in a great way.  Get XXposed Tell'em you rep "B.E" (beauty especially ) by .  

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