Who Are You?

August 27, 2014

  • Do you know who you are ?  
  • Do you know what you want ?
  •  Do you dream dreams that give you hope?  
  • If you haven't gotten a chance to meet yourself, isn't if time you did ?  

Some of us are like stray cats trying to find our way, trying to see if we even want to pursue our dreams or just keep dreaming.  Ask yourself: 
  •  how's life now? 
  •  will it provide me the life I really want?
  • Am I reaching my full potential ?
  • Do I love what I do ?
  • Is this my passion, or do I have a passion for this ?

Like these questions make sense. right ?   Sometimes its the reason why we are good. great or XXtraordinary.  It's okay to be certain of yourself, you don't have to be overly cocky or arrogant.  Compliments are gifts of encouragement. confirmation, or the chameleon that you present.  Let you energy GLOW and radiate the world to "B.E" (beauty especially).  There's no other like you, center your energy and flow lightly.  You've just been XXposed by XXposurhair.


August 26, 2014

How a lady carries herself " THE DO's and DON'Ts"  

  • Ladies if you are African-American woman or Dark complextion it is NOT right to wear white undergarments under lite or white clothing.  The suggested color to wear under white or light color clothing is black or nude.  No one needs to see what size your undergarments are, that is of personal matter.
  • Ladies if you are of Light skin or caucasion complexion do not wear black under white clothing,  Its only fair to excercise proper clothing etiquette.  The suggested color to wear under light or white clothing is white, nude, or neutral under garments.  It's proper to wear undergarments that do not show completely against your garment of choice.
  • If YOU WEAR BLACK, PLEASE DO NOT wear white or very light underwear under lightweighted , majority spandex,or majority lycra.  These materials stretch and reveal more to the eye, especially those well endowed/ bottom heavy.

IF YOU ARE A WOMAN WHO LIKES LYCRA, does Lycra like you ? 
 Here's how you can tell:
  • When you can see your skin glisten against the material, please be sure to wear something to cover your rear-end.  You are blessed and it an be intimidating, but I envy yall honey.  But lets be a little more aware of how we wear our clothes and How we want people to see us.
  • If you are a plus size woman Lycra can be a bit embarrassing when wearing the wrong leggings, not jeggings.  Leggings should be worn under clothing that falls below the line, giving room to bend without embarrassment nor disrespect.  
  • When sitting down slide your arm/hand slight from the back of the thigh down to cover what you will be sitting on.
  • If you are wearing a form fitted dress, a little curve/tilt in the leg area will give you more comfort.
  • If you are wearing a beaded dress/ gown, I suggest don't sit.  If you choose to sit, find a chair that hair fabric seating that does not stick to the beaded garment of choice.
LOW-RISE shouldn' t be worn if:

  • You are beautifully endowed/ bottom heavy
  • If you are uniquely shaped & it doesn't compliment you
  • If you are going to spend the day pulling up your pants
  • If you have a fluffy or heavy mid-section, it will enhance it
  • If you are insecure of your body

Listen when you see clothing that is our of order, say something.  It doesn't have to be rude. I't's all about presentation.  How we present it can be positive and negative.  If we are going to give constructive criticism then why not do it in a positive way.  No one wants to feel worse about themselves than what he/she already does.   Take a moment and listen to some of your friends and how they talk about themselves and the things they want to correct.  Listen hard enough,  they may be worse on themselves than others, real talk.  The thing is, you would never think such.  

Let's help each other present each other in a great way.  Get XXposed Tell'em you rep "B.E" (beauty especially ) by XXposurhair.com .  

Give Peace A Chance

August 14, 2014

Isn't that something we all want.  I know, some of us don't even know how to get it.  Maybe you don't get it because you won't acknowledge you likes and your dislikes in comfort.  Like peace, allows your days to be more beautiful, it feels angelic in your heart.  So, I ask you; Will you give PEACE A CHANCE ?,  It's something we need in self, we want peace in our relationships and interactions with others.  You smile more with peace in your heart and invite others to do the same,  For the people that want peace, first remember the past has already happened, so let it go.  If there is some thing in your past that needs addressing in order to move forward, I suggest acknowledge it and address it and " LET IT GO ".  You can't change it so, why try, but you can move forward and make it better.  Peace has a hard time coming into your life because its new.  If you are use to chaotic situations or relations.  Time for change, you can't keep living like that.  Here's the thing you need balance in your life in order to make balanced decisions.  This is where meditation would be good.  It allows your body and mind to relax.  It helps you find your center, which identifies with having peace.  So I ask you, WILL YOU GIVE PEACE, A CHANCE?  If you can take a chance on things that don't make you better, certainly you can take the " ULTIMATE CHANCE, ON YOURSELF " !  Don't just let it happen, let it "BE"  (beauty especially ) amazing.  You've just been XXposed by XXposurhair.


Meditate on PEACE,


August 13, 2014

Are you hired for your knowledge, status , or 
credibility ?  Something to think about.  If you hold a job, how or why did you get hired ?  It's food for thought, society takes it for granted how sometimes we get these jobs.  We are raised or taught that getting a good education will lead you to a good job. Does it really ?   Because in today's society it appears that more people are getting hired because of who they know.  Mostly about who you know,  that's why people gravitate to celebrities, or well- known person(s).  Not, because they have understanding of the job, but the great connect.  However, some people are hired based upon credibility, is that the same thing ? but, a nicer way of saying you too got connected.  Yet, again we are taught, that education is key; or should we just Go the the best or popular schools, hangouts, etc.,.. and wait to meet the right person to give me a job I have no clue how to do. Wouldn't you want to be hired for your knowledge, not just who you know ? and gain your own credibility.  But, let's not get it mistaken, we all have to start somewhere. Remember, when you invite greatness, you never know how it's gonna happen, but it happens.  So "BE" amazing, and have knowledge of your credible status.  Consider yourself XXposed by XXposurhair.


August 12, 2014

Did you just look at that as if it made no sense? lol.  After you read this you may think a little differently.  If your feeling down, just lost something or someone precious, DANCE.  It's time for clarity, DANCE through the storm.  Lose control like there's no tomorrow.,sing as if its your last breath. It's a celebration, being able to understand that in the midst of the storm there's that  possibility of hope.  So dance, its not like they can see you sing in the rain, but they can watch you Dance through the storm.  Dance as if you just received what you've been wanting.  That's what its all about : celebrating the good with the bad, and keeping hope.  I invite you to "BE" amazing, and  get XXposed to the life you deserve. 

The Love of a Pain Comforter

August 1, 2014

I bet you are asking what is a PAIN COMFORTER ?  Well I am a person who studies people and I find that LOVE of all things is not something that is always embraced.  To some people love is pain.  I learned this through a conversation with my mother.  As she spoke it helped me to see another avenue of what love does or is, to some people.  We all want to be needed or loved and respected.  However, love has hurt some people, or shall I say some people have internalized pain and do not know how to let go.  We say we want out of a bad or uncomfortable situation, but we don't know how to leave it alone.  A lot of the times the reason why we can't leave it alone is because it's all we know or we think that's all we are going to get or deserving of.  That is far from truth, but it shows you how easily we find comfort in hurting.  Let's find comfort in letting go of the pain, Let's embrace love, enough to receive it and give it.  We at some point get hurt, but we are human.  God always sends an angel, and you never when they are going to show up.  I suggest in the mist on comfort of pain, rest in faith and receive the love waiting to show you a different path.  This is a time to heal, a time to love & be loved, let go of the anger.   XXperience a new you, and embrace the idea to be " B.E " ( beauty especially ).