July 31, 2014

 It's funny huh, yep MAKE-UP.  It's the thing we do or wear in order for people not to see our pain or to camoflouge the unknown or the reoognizeable  So, I ask how do you wear your Make-up ?  When it comes to image some will pretty or doll themselves up so that you can't see past the pretty picture.  It doesn't mean you're ugly but if you lack internally its a must to disguise the unknown.  It's ok to hurt, your only human.  Maybe if you didn't disguise yourself so much, people would reach out to help.  Even if you feel hopeless, it's ok because your not by yourself, maybe if you said something then it would open the doors for others as well.  Never mind what society says, what say you?

Some people Make-up by apologizing for his or her actions.  If we paid more attention to the habits of others maybe we wouldn't have to make-up at all.   But again, how do you make-up?
Do you cover up your pain with a pretty picture or do you make-up due to your actions?  Think about it.  You've been XXposed, so embrace the Inner you and just "B.E" (beauty especially ).

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