Healing from Anger

July 29, 2014

If you know what angers you, then what makes you better? 

Some would say talk about it, some would say pray about it, some would say " get over it ", but what would you say ?  The ultimate decision on healing depends on you and its emphasized through your faith.  

Do you know what you are healing from? 

It's time to be better.  I always emphasize that you get better when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired.  We all go through some type of heartache, whether it be from a mate, friend, job, or family.  It's the getting over it, that makes more of an impact.  If you get past DAY 1, then honey you are off to a great start.  We must first diagnose our issue, then address it, then come up with a resolution versus sitting or internalizing pain.  

Sometimes you have to ask yourself: 

Have I been here before ?

If your answer is yes, then amen.  

Now, how do I get to the healing?  

Ultimately the answer is always in you, exercise your faith and have hope.  God wants us to be prisoners of hope, it builds character, it maximizes dreams, it helps you see where you are going and maybe where you wanna go.  When you can acknowledge what is going on with you internally, it will XXternally reveal the inner you.

B.E ( Beauty Especially ),
  by XXposurhair

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