Hair Gossip | How To Wear Commercial Hair

July 30, 2014

Ladies and Gents, when wearing commercial hair, it should look natural.  I see so many people wanting to hang with the JONES', like really.  Okay so here is a tip:
  • Your tracks or bond should not show
  • Your color should match the extensions or blend 
  • Purchase hair that matches your texture, not what you wish you had
  • Cleanse the hair as if it were you own, weekly, not once (1) a month
  • Purchase quality hair whether it's imported or or pre-packaged
  • Choose hair colors that compliment your skin, not colors you wished you could wear
  • Choose a length of hair you can easily care for, not just keeping up with the Kardashians
  • Make sure you seek a professional for proper installation of commercial hair
  • Be sure to protect your edges, since they are fragile

It's time someone says something. We can't keep allowing our sisters and brothers to wear horrible hair or look untamed.  Someone has to educate you on how to look and they should educate you on wearing extensions. Get XXposed to "B.E", we ca't talk about something and not offer solution, It's all about elevation and motivation.  We invite you to get XXposed by

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