Celebrate Self and Unveil the Inner You

July 30, 2014

Some of us don't know how to celebrate ourselves, nor celebrate others.  People look at me funny or wonder what my motives are just because I wanna see them successful.  Why would I not celebrate someone for their greatness, sometimes its another avenue to encourage someone to live his/her dreams.  We can plant a seed and embrace the journey when we are on the right path within ourselves.  Whenever I see someone  doing great things, it shows me how GOD works and when blessings are being cast I'm always in line.  Sometimes you have to celebrate others in order to see who you are.  People look at me crazy when I start dancing or scream with excitement over the progress they are making in their lives.  Don't get it twisted they also tend to look at me like," it's not that serious".  You can't tell me how to react to your greatness.  Maybe I'm dancing for you, silly. 
Celebrate self by feeding your soul daily on how amazing you are.  Afterall you do represent "B.E." ( Beauty Especially) and that means nothing but amazing within self. Learn to celebrate who you are no matter what.  I tell my friends and teach others that people are not always okay with you being who you are.  It represents the ying/yang of the world.  Feel comfortable in your own skin, sure people are gonna look at you crazy, because sometimes they wish they could do the same.  Consider yourself  XXposed and unveil the inner you.

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