September 10, 2014

Change the ENERGY.

Today people are so ANGRY.  It's actually very sad.  When you stand outside of yourself or your environment, you will see it unless you are apart of the growing tribe of angry.  I encourage people to smile more.  Lately, I've seen alot of angry people. I recently went out of town and went to a restaurant with my family.  The server wasn't very polite.  Come to find out she wasn't suppose to be outside for long, being as though she is asthmatic.  When she spoke of her irritation, I said thank you for sharing that.  Still she was the server and I decided not to let her irritation effect me.  She didn't change much, but I chose to not entertain the ugly and give it some beauty.  What I learn daily is that people will try to steal your joy or if they are miserable they want you to be on their level.  I choose to bring others to the light and radiate positive energy.  Another situation I encountered was over the phone.  I placed a call, and greeted the rep with appreciation and her response was nasty.  If you knew me, you would know it raised a brow.  I could not give her the ugly that she gave me so I remained appreciative and kind.  When I tell you this chick had to have been having an ugly moment, but who knows.  However, I got what I needed and couldn't even feed into how rude she was, so I stayed in control of me.   In all things its what we allow to happen, Don't allow a dark cloud to put a cast on your SUNSHINE.  It's the smiles and the kind words along with encouragement that will grown happier people. " Even in an ugly situation, a flower can still blossom if you give it the right kind of love and water".  
 If you in the process of healing, spreading love, encouraging others, loving, etc, we know you know how to "B.E" (beauty especially) amazing.  We XXpose your greatness by XXposurhair